Axel's Just Dreaming [2021]

I participated in Anna Papathanasiou's work "Axel's Just Dreaming" as an artistic collaborator, costume and props designer.
Anna Papathanasiou created “Axel’s Just Dreaming” as a compendium of moving images, an album of “unreleased” material. A series of seven video portraits that depict imaginary characters in states of isolation and ecstasy. Like the tracks of a record that radites an unfamiliar air. A kind of anti-dance that counters notions of beauty.

Conceived, Choreographed and Performed: Anna Papathanasiou
Artistic Collaborator: Konstantinos Gkarametsis
Cinematographer & Light designer: Nikos Kouros
Original Music & Sound Design: Dimitris Papadatos
Associate Movement Director & Dramaturgy Consultant: Iris Fousteri
Costumes Design: Konstantinos Gkarametsis - Graamaarg
Color Grading: Aggelos Mantzios - Metapost
Special Constructions: Nektarios Theodonis
Assistant to the Artist: Iro Adrakta
Assistant to the Lighting Designer: Ifigeneia Gianniou
Production Management: Nikos Mavrakis & Christos Christopoulos – TooFarEast
Production Assistants: Konstantina Douka-Gkosi, Stergiana Tzegka
Photographers: Yiorgos Kaplanidis, Petros Chytiris

The artwork was created in the terms of the #8 Onassis New Choreographers Festival 2021 upon commission of the Onassis Foundation.


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