A world between - 8 channel video installation [2011-]

24.06– 06.07.2013
Center for Contemporary Art - The Ancient Bath, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Media Art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, Exhibition Parabole
Curator: Yovo Panchev

29.05 – 14.06.2013
Goethe-Institut. Sofia, Bulgaria Media Art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, Exhibition Parabole
Curator: Yovo Panchev

The project "A world between" consists of two big scale video-projections, six monitors and five-channel audio [displayed at high volume] in a totally black room. This work, which I regard as a work in progress is the result of improvisation with actors, dancers, jugglers and musicians. The audio part of the project is the result of the improvisation on verbal and graphic scores. This project was developed in parallel with my research in "circus world", the figure of the "clown" and their relation to notions like absurd, grotesque, gender, boundaries, margins and repetition.

If we accept that the project deals with "circus world", the goal is the viewer to experience the space of "circus", that intermediate space that lies somewhere between life and death, joy and sadness, courage and fear ... life itself.

Heinz Politzer, German literary critic, characterizes the Kafkaesque exploration of the circus, as a "world between", a place outside of the common perception, an intermediate space where reality is disfigured in a strange but seemingly believable way.

Clown: Vitoria Kotsalou // 16min 16sec, loop, HDV, 25 fps
Tightrope Walker: Charis Kostidis // 3min 44 sec, loop, HDV, 25 fps
Mime: Ioanna Panagiotidou // 6min 40sec, loop, HDV, 25 fps
Opera voice: Vasiliki Kappa
Object manipulation: Antonis Pazvantis // 13min 38 sec, loop, HDV, 25 fps
Fool: Stamatoula Panoudi // 11min 02sec, loop, HDV, 25 fps
Accordion: Marianna Kotsanou // 3min 44 sec, loop, HDV, 25 fps
Surdo cortador[drum]: Anna Papadopoulou // 2min 37 sec, loop, HDV, 25 fps
Agogo[bells]: Tereza Papakosta // 3min 07sec, loop, HDV, 25 fps





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