Gradient: from gray to color scale / Artistic interventions in urban landscape [2014]


The project "Gradient: From Gray to Color Scale" took place in Ioannina from 3 to 11 July 2014, aiming at creating a big scale urban artistic intervention, with the creation and the presentation of permanent and temporary artworks.
Murals and graffiti covered the gray walls, installations placed in public space and empty shops, while video-art screenings also have been presented in collaboration with international festivals and art schools. The program was enriched with the hosting of live acts and performances.

Artists: Achilles, Anta Anastasea, Dimitris Papadopoulos aka Boohaha!, Cacao Rocks, Dome, Wild Drawing, Simoni Fontana, GRAAM, Dimitra Gousi, Reb MWC, Grigoris Giannopoulos aka SPLASH, Karlito, Giorgos Kevrekidis, Marianna Kaza, Christos Kollios, Dora Mpelegrinou, Andreas Pashias, Angeliki-Chaido Tsoli, Pinelopi Thomaidi, Nafsika Moschopoulou, Ozma, Nicolas Paradiselo, Christos Papamichail, Snoe, Vasiliki Spurou, Argiris Saraslanidis a.k.a SER, Marina Siouti, Nikolina Stylianou, Christos Vagiatas

Collaborations: MFA "Digital Arts" - Athens School Of Fine Arts, epitelesis-Performance Art Foundation, Athens Video Art Festival, Athens Video Dance Project, Festival Miden, Videoholica


dome Dome


klain Marina Siouti


ada Anta Anastasea


tsoli Angeliki-Chaido Tsoli


cacao Cacao Rocks


wd Wild Drawing


cacao Cacao Rocks


gousi Dimitra Gousi


kaza Mariana Kaza


paradiselo Nicolas Paradiselo / Nafsika Moschopoulou


sersimoni Ser and Simoni


siouti Marina Siouti, Penelope Thomaidi


splash Splash


ozma Ozma


spurou Vasiliki Spyrou


kontos Thomas Kontos


tsoli Angeliki-Chaido Tsoli


antreas Andreas Pashias


graam GRAAM


nikolina Nikolina Stylianoy


papamixail Christos Papamichail


grafitihard Margaret Dragu / Nikos Giavropoulos / Francisco-Fernando Granados / Irene Loughlin / Björn Neukom / Andreas Pashias / Emilio Rojas


vagiatas Christos Vagiatas


vagiatas Christos Vagiatas






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