Outland, Performance [2019]

Outland Outland Outland Outland

24-27.01.2019, Performance Rooms 2019, Kappatos Gallery, Hotel St. George Lycabettus
Duration: 180min
In collaboration with Anna Papathanasiou
Curated by Maria Xypolopoulou

The project Outland constitutes a collaborative performance which attempts to investigate relations between genderless and gendered, real and imaginary through the complexity of contemporary identities. The term outland was first used by the author Lewis Carroll in his work “Sylvie and Bruno” [1889] to describe a place which transcends both reality and imagination. Through the use of materials which aim to create distorted reflections, the two performers propose a different way of viewing the human condition by creating two hybrid figures which appear to be reborn on stage through the process of transfiguration.




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