Patchwork / Site specific performance [2014]

patchwork patchwork


7.07.2014 - "Ta Demosia", Ioannina, Greece
"Patchwork" - performance
Duration: about 15min
Curator: Andreas Pashias / epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation
Photo: Nicolas Paradiselo & Aristea Spyrou

"Ta Demosia" are proposed by epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation as a series of live performances in public spaces, curated by the visual artist PASHIAS, as part of the project "Gradient: From Gray to Color Scale" based on the theme of public intervention. Public space has been one of the first 'vessels' to host the artist’s body, when performance art begun to take shape and to be formulated as cultural action, through the creation of images and experiences shared between the artist and an audience. The merging of an artist with his/her audience as co-creators, positions the viewer, the passerby and a city’s inhabitant as an active agent in the formation of the artwork. Even if a performance can not be classified as interactive, where the audience can literally 'touch' the artist’s body, the creation of a stance towards the exhibited body constitutes one of the main factors that define the development of live action. During a performance and afterwards, an exchange of energy and intentions can be established, as the relationship between an audience and the artist can reach the level of identification, of acceptance or even repulsion, of rejection, as it also happens in the relation of a human unit to its social surroundings. Through the series of live performances "Ta Demosia", referring to the Greek word "δήμος" (public), the presented actions concentrate in a similar manner on the status of a body towards an ensemble, within a common place - "demosia" (publicly).

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