Artists' Meeting / Performance Laboratory [2015]

The Performance shop Old Vinegar Factory

14th - 21st December - 2015
Dance House Lemesos / Performance Shop / Old Vinegar Factory
Limassol - CY
Photos: Pavlos Vrionides

Invited by .pelma.lia haraki and epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation to take part at the "Performance Laboratory", a week of intense exchange between artists from diverse practices comprising today's scene of performance. Hosted by Dance House Lemesos, the Performance Shop and the Old Vinegar Factory in Limassol - Cyprus, the laboratory functioned as an artist's meeting opening up the possibility to converse and pose questions regarding each artist's practice, current state of methodology and future aspirations.

Participants: Evripides Laskarides, GRAAM, Lia Haraki, Nicolina Stylianou, PASHIAS, Pavlos Vrionides, Petros Konnaris




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