Room of Reminiscence - one channel video installation [2012]

video stills / documentation

5 min, loop, HDV 1080p, 25fps, Mpeg-2, stereo
video-projector, dvd-player, speakers tent frame, sleeping bag
Sound: Dimitri Batsis

The video-installation "Room of Reminiscence" was set first at "Dodonopolis", a settlement next to the holy place of ancient Dodoni and is immersed to an essence of escapism, isolation and the transcendental meditation. The feeling of isolation through the very moment that the visitor experiences the piece conquers as a meditative approach comes on the surface.

"There is no outside world. There is no outside. Nor is there an inner sanctum in which I can take refuge from inimical external forces. The perceiver [mind] in as aspect of the perceived [body] and conversely: person and environment are continous".
Arlond Berleant – The aesthetic of environment

[The video was shooted in Fagaras mt, Transylvania, Varful Iezerul Caprei, 2417m]





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